bespoke windows applications

Bechmann Limited has extentive experience of developing powerful business applications and always use the latest Microsoft technologies.

Business applications purchased 'off the shelf' do not always meet the unique requirements of your particular business. Your "job cards" may be different or the report you wanted may not be included etc. The only way to cater for all these needs is to have the software tailor made.

We use the following tools for various types of systems.

  • MS Access where speed of development and low cost is essential
  • MS Access on it's own for smaller systems with modest data and user requirements.
  • MS Access with SQL Server database for larger systems.
  • Visual Basic or C# for applications requiring greater robustness and wide spread rollout.
  • ASP or ASP.NET where systems are to be used across multiple locations.

We can also work with older versions where compatibility with existing systems and skills are required.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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