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We have many years experience of creating high performing databases.

Virtually all business applications need a database of some kind. We build databases in either MS Access and SQL Server depending largely on usage, size, no of users, security needs and budget. Special care is taken to prioritise the requirements with aim of striking the right balance between all these issues as well as flexibility and performance.

There is no magic wand that can opimise all these issues in one go, as they are often in conflict with one and other. E.g. A fully normalised database will optimise it's size and also perhaps be quite flexible, but is not always the best performing. A database built for very high performance will be larger, as it will probably need certain amounts of duplicated data, whilst one built for maximum flexibility in terms of data structure, may not have the fastest performance and perhaps also be trickier for the users to understand when making ad-hoc reports.

We also have experience of creating data-warehouses, from which reporting can take place without affecting the performance of the live system.

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