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Still using your old DataEase application?

Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (yet). We have many years development and support experience of DataEase (since 1987) and can help delaying the day you need to move to a new solution. We do this by offering continued support and development of DataEase versions 4.53, 5 & DataEase Express.

Migration from DataEase to Access

If though, you feel the time has come to move forward, we can take your existing DataEase application and migrate the tables, forms and reports to MS Access and perhaps SQL Server. We can interpret the functionality of your old system and re-build it in Access, giving you an excellent platform for further development if required.

We can also give you the training you need to work with the new Access application and show you how to continue developing new features, queries, reports etc. in Access.
Please click here for more details on our training programmes.

We can also offer migration to Access from other legacy systems such as dBase, Filemaker etc. or indeed Excel spreadsheets.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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